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EMS provides the service related to the development of materials for displays, semiconductors, and IT

Column Spacer

Column Spacer

What is Column Spacer?Column Spacer is a material used to maintain a uniform cell gap between the TFT glass and the color filter glass.

What is our product of column spacer?

Introduction of SSP series

SSP Series are specially designed to form spacer patterns with high photo speed and good mechanical properties.


ITEMS SSP series
Application NT, MNT, TV
Coating Process Slit & Spin, Spinless
Viscosity(at 25℃) <15mPa.s(Adjustable)
Sensitivity <100mJ/㎠

Process Conditions

  • Coating:Slit & Spin, Spinless
  • Pre-bake:>80℃~100 ℃ on Hot plate
  • Film Thickness:<4.0㎛
  • Exposure:100mJ/(G, H, I-line broad band)
  • Development:inorganic base, spray
  • Rinse:D.I. water, spray
  • Post-bake:>220 ℃ ~ 240 ℃ in Convection oven

Advantages of SSP series

High Photo Speed / Wide Process Window / Good Mechanical Properties / Excellent Chemical Resistance / Good Adhesion / Various Application


SEM Top View, SEM Side View