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Samyang Corpotation

Business Introduction

Engineering plastics are used as sophisticated materials for automotive, electrical/electronic, and machine parts.


AM BU, short for Advanced Material Business Unit, set up polymerization and compounding processes when establishing Jeonju EP Plant in 1989.
Since then, Samyang has supplied domestic and overseas companies with engineering plastic products such as PC, PBT, TPE and M-PET, as well as various PC, PBT, PMMA and PET-based compounded products.
AM BU, by developing core materials for automotive, electrical, medical and security industries, upgrading industrial structure and expanding overseas production hubs.
We are expanding our research field to include automotive lightweight materials, metal replacement materials, eco-friendly materials and high-functional materials.

SAMYANG AM BU Milestones
  • 2020 06 Established Daejeon EP Plant (Formerly known as Creachem)
  • 2018 09 Established Samyang Engineering Plastics[Vietnam] LLC
  • 2016 07 Acquired Creachem Co., Ltd
  • 2013 01 First Si-PC(Silicon Producer) Commercial Producer in Republic of Korea
  • 2010 12 Achieved Annual Sales of 100,000 MT
  • 2010 03 Established Samyang Engineering Plastics [Hungary] Co., Ltd.
  • 2008 10 Increased PC Production of Samyang Kasei (120,000 MT per year)
  • 2007 04 Opened Sales Office in San Diego, USA
  • 2005 10 Increased PC Production of Samyang Kasel (100,000 MT per year)
  • 2004 05 Founded Samyang Engineering Plastics [Shanghai] Co., Ltd.(China)
  • 1993 08 Opened Samyang R&D Center(Daedeok)
  • 1989 03 Established Samyang Kasei Co., Ltd.
  • 1988 04 Established Jeonju EP Plant