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Samyang Corpotation

Overview of Social Contribution

Samyang is actively engaging in social contribution activities to foster talented individuals, conserve the environment and promote health for a happier life.

The social contribution activities of Samyang Group seek to provide opportunities to create new values amid a difficult environment based on the group’s vision of “Company that add value to life”. Samyang is actively engaging in social contribution activities to foster talented individuals, conserve the environment and promote health for this purpose.

Among these activities, the scholarship program is one of Samyang Group’s representative activities that realizes the social responsibilities of a corporation and embodies the talent fostering mentality through the Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation. The company holds an annual event for approximately 10,000 students and parents for the preservation of nature, which provides the fundamental basis of our lives, as well as various volunteer activities for staff and their families to help our neighbors in need.

We are also exceeding stable development in the sports industry through the establishment and sponsorship of the Woman Cycling Team, which is one of the less popular sports. The philosophy of our founder, Yeon Su Kim, which suggests that “a corporation must surpass being a group created for profit and take responsibility for national prosperity with a sense of historical calling in its country and society” has been linked to the vision of “Company that add value to life”. Samyang will continue to create a future in which corporations and the society experience mutual prosperity through the social contribution activities that have been established through our corporate culture.

Talent Fostering
Yangyoung/Sudang Foundation Youth Hope School Parang Manito Mentoring Samyang Corp. Woman Cycling Team
Environment Conservation
Writing and Drawing Contest for the Love of Nature Future Science Camp Stream Cleaning,Forest Caring Beautiful Store Dongdaemun Branch
Health Promotion
Bakery Volunteer Activity Protecting the Elderly's Health Activity Housing Repair, Briquette Delivery and Blood Donation Bundle Sharing
Abundant Sharing for Fostering Talent

Samyang Group is fostering talented individuals by running the Yangyoung Foundation and the Sudang Foundation. The “Yangyoung Foundation”, which is Korea’s first private scholarship foundation; was established by the founder of Samyang Corporation, Chairman Kim Yeon Su, who expanded the scholarship program by establishing the “Sudang Foundation” in 1968. The Yangyoung/Sudang Foundation select exemplar students who receive outstanding grades despite their difficult backgrounds and grant scholarships annually. It also supports tuition and research funds for professors and research organizations. In particular, the Sudang Foundation has created a Sudang Award that offers a total of 300 million won in prize money to professors who have made outstanding achievements in fields of basic science, applied science and humanities & social science each year.