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Samyang Corpotation

Social Contribution Activities

Samyangs efforts for a more enriched and convenient life,We surpassed the boundaries as a corporation and is consistently reaching out to society.With Samyang entered into the equation, we will reach a more enriched and convenient life.

Talent Fostering

Yangyoung/Sudang Foundation
Samyang Group is fostering talented individuals by running the Yangyoung Foundation and the Sudang Foundation. The “Yangyoung Foundation”, which is Korea’s first private scholarship foundation; was established by the founder of Samyang Corporation, Chairman Kim Yeon Su, who expanded the scholarship program by establishing the “Sudang Foundation” in 1968. The Yangyoung/Sudang Foundation select exemplar students who receive outstanding grades despite their difficult backgrounds and grant scholarships annually. It also supports tuition and research funds for professors and research organizations. In particular, the Sudang Foundation has created a Sudang Award that offers a total of 300 million won in prize money to professors who have made outstanding achievements in fields of basic science, applied science and humanities & social science each year.

Fostering Bakery Dreams at the Youth Hope School
Samyang is operating a bakery dream fostering program for students of the Youth Hope School, which is run by the Youth Hope Foundation, as part of the program for supporting adolescents’ career paths. In this program, students make and experience various bakery goods with professional Q.one cooking class teachers while developing and getting to know themselves better.

Youth Hope Foundation Parang Manito Mentoring Activity
Samyang is supporting the public foundation called Youth Hope Foundation, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Justice, to help adolescents mature properly. The group employees participate in the Youth Hope Foundation’s Parang Manito program and mentor students . The Parang Manito is a one-on-one mentoring program for adolescents who were sentenced to a conditional suspension of indictment.

Samyang Corp. Woman Cycling Team
Samyang has been contributing to the development in the sports industry with less popularity by consistently supporting and running the Woman Cycling Team since its establishment in 1986 when cycling was not as known in Korea. Samyang’s Woman Cycling Team has produced numerous athletes of the national team since its establishment and boosted the stagnant field of women’s cycling in Korea by setting a new domestic record.

Environment Conservation

Writing and Drawing Contest for the Love of Nature
Samyang has been holding the Writing and Drawing Contest for the Love of Nature in the Jeonbuk region since 1996 to contribute to the preservation of our beautiful environment that will be passed on to future generations. Elementary school students and middle school students who participate in the event express their love for nature through drawing and writing, respectively. It is a large-scale event with approximately 10,000 participants including students and their parents, and has become one of the representative environmental festivals run by a corporation.

Future Science Camp with Samyang
Samyang is running the Future Science Camp for elementary students to help them experience the world of science that is easy to experience in daily life but difficult to understand, and to arouse their interest in science and environment that exist in their lives. At the science camp, the students enhance their thinking skills and creativity through scientific experiments and crafts using various lab materials and tools such as plastic bottles, flour, cooking oil, plastic clay or VR goggles.

Stream Cleaning, Forest Caring, Village Sisterhood Relationships
Samyang is participating in various activities to preserve the environment through programs that connect corporations to local communities. We are making an effort to protect the clean environment by running the Stream Cleaning activity and Forest Caring activity in various locations of numerous groups across the nation. In addition, we formed sisterhood relationships with the villages surrounding the locations and ran the Village Sisterhood in connection with the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation to improve the understanding of farming villages and for the balanced development of corporations and farmers.

Beautiful Store Dongdaemun Branch
The Beautiful Store creates funds with the profits made from selling goods donated by corporations and citizens such as clothing, shoes, bags, books, albums, kitchen supplies, accessories, baby products and leisure supplies at the store and participates in various charities using these funds. Samyang is taking part in creating a world and society of sharing and coexistence by opening the Beautiful Store Dongdaemun Branch. We are also working on collecting goods and donations, and providing volunteer opportunities at the store for our employees and their families through an enterprise-wide campaign in addition to the establishment of the store.

Health Promotion

Bakery Volunteer Activity Filled with Love
We are holding bakery volunteer activities where Samyang’s employees and their families and acquaintances bake bread with ingredients supplied by the company such as Q.one flour and processed fat, and deliver them to our neighbors in need. We are practicing the love for our neighbors by delivering the bread we bake ourselves to our neighbors in need such as seniors living alone, children living with their grandparents, multi-cultural families and etc.

Support for First-in-class Salon Program
Samyang is contributing to the invigoration of the biopharmaceutical industry by supporting the First-in-Class Salon event, an open innovation gathering for those in the bio field of Korea, which is held at the Discovery Center in Pangyo. The First-in-Class Salon is a meeting held for the invigoration of R&D in the bio field, which is directly related to national health. By supporting the First-in-Class Salon event, we are promoting open innovation through the expansion of networking with pharmaceutical/bio technology start-ups and sharing the core technology and trends.

Protecting the Elderly’s Health through Rheumastop
Samyang is protecting the health of the elderly through Samyang Biopharm’s arthritis medication, Rheumastop. We donate Rheumastop for the health of the low-income elderly of the welfare centers and are also engaging in volunteer activities for not only their health but to provide aid in their daily lives.

Housing Repair, Briquette Delivery and Blood Donation
We restore homes and deliver briquettes with love to improve the living conditions and provide a warm winter for our neighbors in need. The group’s employees participate in the volunteer activities and share their love with our neighbors. In addition, we participate in blood donations to protect the health of those in need as well.

Bundle Sharing
Samyang has been participating in the Bundle Sharing event held by the Beautiful Store since 2005. The World of Sharing is an event which shares packages consisting of rice and daily necessities to those who need it most. Samyang donates their products, and employees and families volunteer in the event as deliverymen.