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Samyang Corpotation


Foodstuff Distribution Products

ServeQ stands for “Serve” and “Quality.” ServeQ is Samyang’s new foodstuff distribution specialist brand born from our commitment to provide excellent-quality products and services to our customers safely and fast.


ServeQ is the best foodstuff distribution solution!

ServeQ is an embodiment of Samyang’s entrepreneurial spirit of “Ingredients that Add Value to Life.” ServeQ is the best foodstuff distribution solution born from our commitment to provide excellent products and services to help you attain perfect and safe success.

Our commitment to provide excellent quality products to our customers!
  1. 1. Strict food hygiene management - ServeQ promises step-advanced strict food hygiene management.
  2. 2. Leading Company Relationship - In alliance with leading global corporations, we provide quality products.
    deZaan, MUTTI, CSM, Steensma, Fonterra
  3. 3. Manufacture of key products and R&D - We provide customized solutions from our reliable food specialists.
    Direct manufacture of key products , Operation of Food Research Center, High-level specialist service
  4. 4. Operation of the program of growing together with our customers - ServeQ solves all the difficulties in operating stores.
    ServeQ CSP service
    • Cooking : Support service for opening stores, menu development, and cooking
    • Marketing : Purchase service for foodstuffs, kitchen appliances, and restaurant facilities
    • Management : Marketing activities for publicity, promotion, and customer management
    • Purchase : All operational activity services, including legal affairs, tax, finance, hygiene, and employee education
Confectionary Ingredients

Confectionary Ingredients image

Diverse breads come from diverse ingredients. ServeQ offers an assortment of no. 1 healthy breads.

Western Foodstuffs

Western Foodstuffs image

The tastes of Western dishes are really diverse in variety and depth. The select ingredients of ServeQ will help you cook fine Western dishes.

Chinese Foodstuffs

Chinese Foodstuffs image

ServeQ offers only safe, differentiated Chinese foodstuffs, helping you cook delicious, rich Chinese foods.

Chicken & Others

Chicken & Others image

ServeQ offers ingredients for amazingly tasty chicken to cater to our customers’ special palates.