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Samyang Corpotation

B2B Business

Samyang aims to become a total solution provider that supplies customized ingredients based on its outstanding production and R&D capabilities.

sugar manufacturing

Sugar manufacturing business of Samyang was the city’s first modern plant. Since its construction in December 1955, it has been improving the dietary life of Korean people and developing the Korean food industry.


Sugar manufacturing product Introduction


Raw sugar made from sugar cane is dissolved and impurities are removed. Then, it crystallizes into sugar.

White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Dark Brown Sugar
Small Granulated Sugar
Powdered Granulated Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Large Granulated Sugar
Sugar for Drink

Starch manufacturing product Introduction


Samyang has been accumulating expertise in the production and application of modified starch in food and industrial products such as paper and textile as a leading modified starch producer in South Korea. Samyang will accelerate new materials development and application study using starches in order to satisfy customer needs.


Starch product Introduction

Food starch
The main raw ingredient of starches are corn and waxy corn. Starches are widely used for a variety of foods such as confectionery, breads, noodles, beer, meat products, etc. Starches add viscosity, new texture, extensibility, and stabilize properties, and work as a gelling agent, adhesive, and film forming agent, and improve water holding capacity. Food starches are divided into cook-up type and instant type. Cook-up type starches add viscosity through gelatinization with water and heat. As instant-type starches which are pregelatinized products add viscosity while being dissolved in water, they do not require any heating.
Corn Starch
Waxy Starch
Sunpregel (Pregelatinized Corn Starch)
Sunsupergel (Pregelatinized Waxy Corn Starch)
Sunbatter C
Sunmix I
Sunmix S
Sunmix NA
Sunmix NS
Sunmix NH
Suntender H
Neo HP
Suncreamy H
Sunmix PS
Sunmix PA
Sunmix SG
Sunmix Alpha
Sunace H
Sunmix T
Industrial starch
Samyang provides a variety of formulas through applied research and maximizes customer satisfaction by producing modified starches applied with physical and chemical modifications for new properties. Industrial starch products are applied for a wide range of fields including paper manufacturing, corrugated cardboard, textile, architecture, and cosmetics.
Sunsize (Oxidized Starch)
Suncasta (Cationic Starch)
Gencode (Coating Starch)

Starch product Introduction


Samyang corporation has been constantly conducting R&D on a variety of starch sugar, oligosaccharides, sugar alcohol, dietary fiber, allulose products, etc.


Contact us Starch Sugar product Introduction

Glucose, classed as a subcategory of the monosaccharides, can be obtained through hydrolysis of starches by enzymes. It has a refreshing and smooth taste. Glucose is widely used for food, brewing, and fermentation. In addition, Samyang produces Korea’s only anhydrous glucose product (Product name: Medidex) used as a pharmaceutical chemical for glucose injections, etc.
- Degree of sweetness: Degrees of sweetness are generally 70% of general sucrose. A mixture of sugar and glucose has similar degrees of sweetness as sugar.
- Improving taste: You can improve tastes by using glucose solely or with sugar.
- Fermentation: It is a good source of carbohydrates for yeast and microorganisms.
- Osmotic pressure: It has higher osmotic pressure than sugar per unit weight.
- Excipient: It is used as an excipient of various powders such as powdered drink mixes.
- Stability: It extends the shelf life of foods, preventing oxidation.
Category Features
Beverages/Drinks Adding a refreshing and smooth taste and used in sports drinks
Confectionery Improving sweet tastes and reducing water activity
Hard candies/Soft candies Adding a refreshing and smooth taste
Bakery Nutrients for yeast and improving colors
Dairy products Adding a refreshing and smooth taste
Frozen foods Improving freeze-thawing stability
Seasonings and sauces Adding a refreshing sweet taste and improving osmotic pressure and seepage pressure
Coated snacks Improving sugar syrup coating, adding a refreshing sweet taste, and maintaining low viscosity
Jellies/Red bean jellies Adding a refreshing sweet taste and reducing water activity
Processed foods Adding a refreshing sweet taste, reducing water activity, etc.
Dextrose Monohydrate
Glucose Anhydrous
Refined Dextrose
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Corn syrup
Corn syrup is made from starch which is hydrolyzed by enzymes and then go through purification and concentration processes. There is a variety of corn syrup products depending on different degrees of hydrolysis and sugar composition. General corn syrup is used for food manufacturing and by households. Low-sugar corn syrup with low levels of sweetness and a high dextrin content are generally used for confectionery and powdery products. In addition, Samyang produces a wide range of corn syrup products including maltose corn syrup used for ice creams, frozen desserts, and candies and high-sweetness corn syrup for a soft and quality taste.
- Adjustment of sweetness: As corn syrup has lower levels of sweetness than sucrose and glucose, it is useful to adjust sweetness levels of food.
- Adjustment of freezing point: The freezing point of sugar solutions are generally related to their concentration levels and the average molecular weight of dissolved sugar. The freezing point can be adjusted by a variety of starch syrup products.
- Inhibition of sugar recrystallization: Recrystallization of sucrose or glucose can be inhibited when they are used with corn syrup.
- Gloss: Starch syrup makes foods glossier.
- Other features : 1. Viscous, low sweetness levels, and nutritious, 2. Colorless and odorless liquid sweeteners, 3. Well dissolved in cold water and easy to use, 4. Heat and acid resistance
Category Features
Beverages/Drinks Plenty of body and low sweetness levels
Confectionery Moisturizing food and improving texture
Hard candies/Soft candies Improving processibility and inhibiting sugar recrystallization
Bakery Moisturizing and high viscosity
Dairy products Plenty of body and high viscosity
Frozen foods Improving freeze—thawing stability
Seasonings and sauces High viscosity and a soft texture
Coated snacks Improving sugar syrup coating and inhibiting sugar recrystallization
Jellies/Red bean jellies High viscosity and a soft texture
Processed foods Low sweetness levels, high viscosity, etc.
Low-sugar Starch Syrup
Starch Syrup (General Starch Syrup)
Ice Sugar
Maltose Starch Syrup
High-intensity Corn Syrup
Fructose, a monosaccharide contained in honey and fruits, is made through isomerization of glucose. Q1 Fructose features a refreshing sweet taste with the same degree of sweetness as sucrose, a high osmotic pressure, and low viscosity. Fructose, produced through sanitary manufacturing processes based on state-of-the-art facilities, is widely used for a wide range of drinks including sodas and juices, ice creams, frozen desserts, confectionery, etc.
- Degree of sweetness: The degree of sweetness of a fruit depends on the fructose contents. Fructose 55 with a high fructose content upgrades sweetness. This product is perfect for fruit juices and beverages. As temperature decreases and concentration increases, the degree of sweetness grows. Therefore, it is good for frozen desserts, sodas, canned fruits, etc.
- Anti-aging and preventing food spoilage: Fructose 55 has a high fructose content. Fructose has the highest osmotic pressure among sugars. In addition, it prevents aging and food spoilage.
- Improving flavor: Fructose in Fructose 55 has its own unique flavor and upgrades tastes of confectionery and breads.
- Moisturizing: Its moisturizing benefits keep food food fresh.
- Improving colors and textures: Colors of confectionery and breads becomes gold when glucose and fructose are properly caramelized. Fructose makes food look better and improves its quality.
Category Features
Breads, sponge cakes, cakes, and cookies Improving colors and textures and preventing aging and food spoilage
Western-style cakes and cream Improving freshness and adding a feeling of refreshment
Sodas, fruit beverages, and fruit juices Improving flavor
Ice creams, frozen desserts, processed milk, and puddings Improving flavor and freshness
Confectionery and liquid seasoning Maintaining tastes uniformly and improving stability
Fructose 55
  • - An oligosaccharide is a type of sugar.Oligosaccharides is a saccharide polymer containing a small number (generally 2 to 10) of monisaccharides such as glucose, fructose and galactose. Depending on the number of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides are categorized into disaccharides, polysaccharides, etc. (Source: New Knowledge about Oligosaccharides)
  • - In addition, they can be divided into reducing oligosaccharides and nonreducing oligosaccharides depending on the chemical bonds, or into maltooligosaccharides and branched oligosaccharides depending on the structural bonding.
Products Fructo Oligosaccharide (Liquid) Fructo Oligosaccharide Powder
Type of food(labeling) Fructo oligosaccharide Fructo oligosaccharide
Appearance Liquid Powder
Solid 75 brix ↑ 95% ↑
Oligosaccharides content (%)(DS%) 55 ↑ 90 ↑
Sugar content (%)(as product) 30~35 2.0 ↓
Relative sweetness(Based on the solid) 60 40
Viscosity (70bx) 530 -
Products Isomalto Oligosaccharides Isomalto Oligosaccharides M200 Isomalto Oligosaccharides M300
Type of food(labeling) Isomalto Oligosaccharides Isomalto Oligosaccharides Isomalto Oligosaccharides
Property Liquid Liquid Liquid
Solid 75 brix ↑ 75 brix ↑ 75 brix ↑
Oligosaccharides content (%)(DS%) 50 ↑ 15 ↑ 90 ↑
Sugar content (%)(as product) 30~35 12~13 20~25
Relative sweetness(Based on the solid) 40~50 20~25 25~30
Viscosity (70bx) 550 2,750 2,000
Products Galacto-Oligosaccharides Ice Oligosaccharides Malto-Oligosaccharides
Type of food(labeling) Galacto-oligosaccharide Other types of oligosaccharide Malto-oligosaccharide
Property Liquid Liquid Liquid
Solid 75 brix ↑ 75 brix ↑ 75 brix ↑
Oligosaccharides content (%)(DS%) 50 ↑ 15 ↑ 40 ↑
Sugar content (%)(as product) 35~40 10~13 15~20
Relative sweetness(Based on the solid) 25 25~30 20~25
Application Milk (powder and liquid) Ice creams and frozen desserts Ice creams, frozen desserts, soy milk, candies, and vegetable oils
and Frutooligosaccharides
Sugar alcohols
  • 1) Sugar alcohols are produced when a carbonyl group such as aldehydes (-CHO) or ketones (-C=O) of sugar is reduced to an alcohol group (-OH) by hydrogenation.
  • 2) As it has the features of alcohol groups, it is generally called sugar alcohols or polyols in Europe. In fact, sugar alcohols are neither sugar nor alcohol.
  • 3) Sugar alcohols can be categorized into maltitol, xylitol, sorbitol, polyglycitol syrup, mannitol, isomalt, erythritol, lactitol, etc.
Products Maltitol Syrup Sorbitol Syrup Sorbitol Polyglycitol Syrup-S
Solid 70bx ↑ 70bx ↑ 98% ↑ 68bx ↑
Maltitol content(DS%) 70 ↑ 30~40
Sorbitol content(DS%) 8 ↓ 97 ↑ 45~50
Xylitol content(DS%)
Sugars (g/100g)(as product) 0 < 1 < 1 < 1
Relative sweetness(Based on the solid) 70 60 60 60~70
Maltitol Syrup
Polyglycitol Syrup-S
Sorbitol Syrup
and Sorbitol
Dietary fiber

Samyang produces two types of soluble fibers: Nondigestible Maltodextrin and Polydextrose. These products are produced with different ingredients and manufacturing processes. Dietary fiber is a polymer that resists human digestive enzymes. As fiber has low calories and is soluble in water, it is widely used for functional foods for health, beverages, confectionery, processed foods, etc.

Nondigestible Maltodextrin
Maltodextrin, mainly made from corn starch, is hydrolyzed starch with less than DE 20. Its texture is between starch and corn syrup. Maltodextrin is soluble in water and gives soft body. It is less hygroscopic and more easily dissolved than powder taffy. Due to its excellent shape retention property and resistance to the Maillard reaction, it is widely used for food processing.
- Fluid, no weird odor or taste, and low level of sweetness
- Easily dissolved in water with proper level of viscosity
- Thermostable and resistant to the Maillard reaction
- Less hygroscopic than powdered taffy and good as an excipient of foods that should avoid moisture
- Not masking the taste and smell of food
- Stabilizing air bubbles
- Making food look better by forming a film on the surface
- Inhibiting deposition of crystallized sugar
Category Features
Teas and soups An excipient of Korean powdered teas and juice mixes
Confectionery and breads Cookies, red bean jellies, snacks, candies, jellies, and pies
Dairy products An excipient of milk powders and baby foods, ice creams and sherbet
Spices An excipient of spices and flavors
Frozen foods Improving freeze-thaw stability and making frozen fish gloss
Seasonings A weighting agent of mayonnaise and dressing
Others Adjusting levels of sweetness of artificial and natural sweeteners
Allulose is a rare sugar in agricultural products and commercially prepared with differentiated enzyme technology. the calories of allulose is zero and sweetness of allulose is 70% of the sweetness of sucrose and have health benefits like inhibition of fat accumulation in human body.
Product properties
- Product type : allulose
- Calories : 0Kcal/g
- Sugar, Corn syrup, High fructose co
- Body fat accumolation inhibition : See website image
- Applications development : 1. Confectionery / Bakery : Improvement of texture, Prevention of retrogragation 2. Beverage / Fermented Milk : Improvement of sweetness, Prevention of off-flavor 3. Ice cream : Improvement of softness & melting rate 4. Oils : Improvement of softness, Improvement of Creaming
Procucts Allulose syrup Allulose powder
appearance Pale-yellow syrup White powder
Moisture(%) - Max. 5.0
Brix Min. 70.0 -
pH 4.0-6.0 Min. 98.0
Purity(%)(DS%) 10.0 - 30.0 Min. 90.0 -

Starch Sugar product Introduction

flour milling

Samyang produces high quality Q1 flour and premix products based on its state-of-the-art automation facilities, advanced milling technology, and thorough quality and sanitary control. In addition, it produces a wide range of premix products boasting of the optimal mixing proportions and great flavors. Samyang has been strengthening its position as a leading Korean premix manufacturer based on its uniform product quality, outstanding processing stability, and thorough sanitary control.


Flour milling / premix product Introduction


Wheat is grounded and its endosperm is separately collected to produce fine wheat.

All Purpose Flour
Bread Flour
Cake Flour
Wheat Flour for Bread
Wheat Flour for Pizza
Premium Wheat Flour for Noodles
Premium Wheat Flour for Chinese Noodles
Whole Wheat Flour
Organic Wheat Flour


Q1 premix products boasting of the optimal mixing proportions are well known for great flavors. Samyang has been strengthening its position as a leading Korean premix manufacturer based on its uniform product quality, outstanding processing stability, and thorough sanitary control.


Premix product Introduction

Batter Mix
Yeast Raised Donut Mix
American Muffin Mix
Waffle Mix
Sweet and Sour Pork Mix
Walnut Cake Mix

Flour milling / premix product Introduction


Samyang supplies quality oils & fats products to customers based on its advanced oils & fats manufacturing technology that has been accumulated over a long time.


Olis product Introduction


Q1 margarines were produced from the beginning in Korea. Its quality and processibility are perfect for confectionery and bakery. Introducing advanced esterification technology, Samyang has been producing safe trans-fat-free products.

Odyssey Free
Napoleon Free
NFC Margarine
Solomon Free
Ement Free
Harmony Free
Mokdong Margarine Free
Smile Free
Golden Margarine-100
Golden Margarine
Elise Free
Best Free
Seoul Margarine-100 Free
Q1 Margarine
Golden Margarine-200
Golden Margarine-700
Marina Free
Snow Soft
Cream Soft
Mercury Free
Seoul Margarine Free
Golden Margarine Free
Erize Free
Best Free

Q1 shortening are well known for its excellent quality and processibility. It is widely used for mixes, deep-fried dishes, etc.

Golden Shortening
Lilac Shortening-100
V Shortening Free
Seoul Liquid Shortening Free
Alps Shortening-200 Free
JT Shortening
Palm Shortening
Cooking oil

Q1 cooking oil is used for deep frying, stir frying, pan frying, and dressing. Samyang produces clean and safe cooking oil products based on its modernized automation facilities and advanced technology.

Soybean Oil
Corn Oil
Rapeseed Oil
Cotton Seed Oil
High Oleic Sunflower Oil

Olis product Introduction


Samyang imports a wide range of food ingredients and additives which are difficult to find in the Korean market from Roquette (France), ADM (U.S.), Nagase, Toyo Sugar Refining, Meiji Seika Kaisha (Japan), BASF (Germany), combustible sleeve (France), etc. Samyang supplies imported products through advanced technical support.


product Introduction

Crystalline Maltitol
Crystalline Fructose
Enzymatically Modified Rutin
Calcium Phosphate
Vital Gluten
Citric Acid
Guar Gum

product Introduction