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Samyang Corpotation

Consumption goods business

In an effort to increase our customers’ satisfaction, Samyang’s Food Consumer Business Unit has continuously presented the various products into the retail market, Which were made up based on its own market analysis and R&D effort for better food.

Samyang’s Food Consumer business, based on its outstanding foodstuff R&D capabilities, aims to come ever closer to meeting customer needs.
In line with the new lifestyle of pursuing health and enjoyment, in 1999, we entered the homemade baking area with Muffin Mix, and thus, in 2005, we developed Sweet Korean Pancake Mix, a popular snack, the first of its kind in the country.
Afterwards, we unveiled various market-leading products including pancake homemade cookies, and ice cream, to create and spread the homemade food culture in the whole country.

Consumption goods business

Principle of Health & Wellness Practice
Health & Wellness 실행 원칙
Do List
  • Produce high-quality, safe products, and safeguard the customers’ well-being.
  • Offer nutrition and a healthy dietary life.
  • Offer distinctive benefits to our customers.
  • Pursue open innovation.
  • Conserve the global environment.
Don’t List
  • - Minimize health-hazardous factors.
  • Use only ingredients that have been proven to be safe.
  • Be honest with the efficacy of our products.
  • Minimize the creation of hazardous substances in the production process.
  • Do not compromise quality for cost reduction.