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Samyang Corpotation

Food R&D Center

No.1 Food&Service Innovator Samyang Corp. revsearches on how to create greater synergy with its customers.

Food R&D Center

Samyang Group Food R&D Center endeavors to provide differentiated values to its customers, to develop new products with competitive superiority, and to secure future growth engines. Towards these ends, the center executes leading R&D initiatives and eventually aims to become the no. 1 food & service innovator.

The center is Samyang Group’s integrated research center tasked with researching mainly on starch sugars, starches, flour, oils and fats, functional foodstuffs, homemade products, and consumer foodstuffs and sugar. The center consists of the Consumer Goods Development Team for B2C products, the Solution Center for providing diverse solutions to corporate customers, and the Materials Development Team for future growth projects.

Based on its accumulated technologies, the center endeavors to develop high-value-added foodstuffs and industrial materials, to bolster customer-oriented applied research, and to solidify its position as a starch sugar company equipped with world-class competitiveness.

Solution Center providing corporate solutions

Solution Center is a total solution provider for our customers. The center researches on and develops sugar materials, sweeteners, starches for foodstuff, functional oils and fats, processed fats and oils, and premixes for businesses. In particular, the center has developed dietary starches such as diverse sugar products, including sugar-alcohol products, responding to the regulation on high-calorie, low-nutrition foods; dietary starches such as Sun Mixes, Sun Creamy, Sun Snack, and Sun Force; functional oil and fat products such as Shortening Free and Mercury Free, and business premixes such as Yeast Doughnut Mixes and Korean Hotdog Mixes.

Materials Development Team  preparing for future growth projects

The Materials Development Team researches on basic materials for future growth engines. The team researches on the production of useful materials using fermentation technology, papermaking modified starches using modified starches, and diverse industrial starches.