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Samyang Corpotation


Food Safety Center

The Food Safety Center, established to manage the food safety of all the food workplaces of Samyang Group, embraces the goal of “Providing Safe Food to Our Beloved Family,” and towards that end has developed and operates a systematic food safety management system that can continue to reflect its customers’ enhanced safety demands, and to be upgraded.

Samyang Food Safety Center operates an analysis and response system designed to proactively forecast and prevent food hazards. It continues to execute hygienic, safety monitoring of the overall operation of raw materials procurement, product manufacture, and distribution. It also continues to upgrade our management level, to supply safe products fast, and to monitor our customer safety level, thus setting directions for improvement.
Major Action Goals of Samyang Food Safety Center
  1. verify safety thoroughly
    - Execute prior food safety inspection with regard to raw materials, manufacturing process, and product design - Execute strict inspection of the food safety standards by reflecting the consumer safety level and expectations
  2. provide reliable products
    - Real-time monitoring of foreign substances: X-ray machines, metal detectors, and vision systems, - Inspect raw materials and manufacturing plants from time to time, and provide consulting
  3. enhance food safety action ability
    -  Bolster the employees’ awareness of food safety in all processes (purchase, manufacture, logistics, and marketing), -  Provide proper food safety information to consumers

Samyang’s Food Safety Management System

Pre-release management
  • Review of product vdesign
    • Inspection of the safety of raw materials
    • Review of laws
  • Establishment of quality and safety criteria
    • Review of manufacturing methods
    • Establishment of food safety criteria
  • Inspection of product safety
    • Pilot production : Safety inspection
    • Inspection of product labeling
  • Verification of released products
    Production of main products : Higher level of safety inspection than legally required
  • Mass production
Post-release management
  • Inspection of manufacturing plants
    · Regular hygienic inspection : Samyang’s standards inspection program
  • Inspection of logistics and transport
    • Regular inspection of the Logistics Center
    • Provision of food hygiene consulting to distributors
  • Collection and inspection of the products being marketed
    • Surprise collection of products being marketed
    • Inspection by certified agencies
  • Survey of customer requirements
    • Acceptance of customer opinions
    • Reflection of quality and safety criteria
  • Satisfying customers